Contact Me

Hey, It's Lindsay @ Jawborcs,

I work a lot hours at my 4 to 4 and email is not always available. So in trying to find the best possible solution to give you great customer service, I've decided to use Facebook Messenger for contact "like you I always have my cell phone" I figured this would be better than email, and since a lot of my clients are on Facebook it seems like a natural fit. 

I would love to hear your thoughts and feedback about the store. If you have ideas, questions, or if want to show off something that you purchased from the store here, please contact me,  Or you can hit me on Messenger just by clicking the small Blue Messenger Icon - at the bottom left of the page. or you can email me directly at

P.S. If you send me a picture with you and anything purchased here you could receive a discount code for up to 50% off your cart total on your next purchase.